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  Germany / Austria
  Purchasing, Sourcing, Marketing

Would you like to know who is offering your devices for sale on the internet, at what price, on a daily basis? We offer you an easy-to-use tool, which conducts this research for you automatically. You can process the findings online automatically, mail it (to your field team etc.) or print it out as an Excel file. This way you are kept informed about what is happening "at the front" at all times and are able to optimise your strategies accordingly.


What is standard practice today in the world of retail - namely that test shoppers ("mystery-shoppers") observe service and treatment of customers undercover - also works on the internet. We conduct test orders for you with consumers throughout Germany, Austria and, on request, other European countries. In the process we document delivery times, service, costs, condition of goods and other factors.


Over twenty years of experience in purchasing, category management, marketing and quality management are at your disposal, aiding you in the optimisation of range, purchasing conditions and supply chain, as well as the avoidance and processing of returns. Our focus in this lies upon technical product groups of the so-called white and brown goods, as well as articles from the IT sector and small household electrical goods. The goal of this is always to increase sales and - above all - profits.


Interim management is always advisable where the objective is to utilise periods of disproportionate growth and/or fundamental transition in your company for project work. A decisive factor in this is that the interim manager is wholly integrated in the company. In addition, we are also available to provide coaching for those purchasing staff as may require it.

Practical orientation is our credo - Stefan Draeger
For years already the Price Agent is part of our quality- and value- oriented sales-strategy. Jörg Christiansen, Sharp Electronics, Hamburg